The Man Behind The Wolves #GOT



  • Full Case - Coming Soon
  • We are always looking for the stories behind the people and William Mulhall has a lot to offer here. Not only can he look back on a great career of his 2 direwolves Summer & Grey Wind, also he has been active as a statist for Game of Thrones. Likewise the rest of his family is part of this awesome story, because they were allowed to play in the HBO success series, act as camera assistants or are part of the GOT tours near Belfast.
  • Credits:
  • Production: Le Buzz Studio & C’EST LA WHAT
  • Producer: Eugen Mai
  • Director: Jan Watzlawick
  • Script: Jan Watzlawick
  • Creative Director: Pascal Wabnitz
  • Postproduction: Jonathan Barbir
  • Color Grading: Stefan King
  • DoP: Daniel Helgert
  • Starring: William Mulhall, Summer & Grey Wind